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Posted by admin on August 11, 2012 – 12:12 pm

Increase IPhone Storage

How can i increase my IPhone storage Increase your IPhone memory with SaveGigs IPhone Application How to Increase IPhone Storage ? The Apple IPhone comes with a preloaded flash drive set at 16 or 32 gigabytes. Storage almost Full ? If your 16GB IPhone could have not 32GB not 100GB ? What about 1TB or 10TB ? IPhone with 10TB or more? The big answer is : YES with SaveGigs IPhone Application !!!

Google Algorithm Changes

In “Google Algorithm Changes For June: What’s On The List?” I pointed out that Google, by the end of July, had still not provided its monthly list of algorithm changes for June. It’s now August 9, and they still have not provided the list for June or July. Since Google started sharing these lists, the company has been posting them to its Inside Search blog. The last post to that blog, as of the time of this writing, is still “Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search” from July 26. I was starting to wonder if they were simply no longer using this blog. Google announced at the end of last week that it would be shutting down a number of its blogs. Google has over 150 of them, and has decided that it would be better to consolidate the information into fewer blogs, while shutting down the ones that are either updated infrequently or are redundant with other blogs. Google does do a lot of cross-posting. That does not, however, appear to be the case with the Inside Search blog. Today, Google announced on its Google Finance blog that it is shutting down that blog, and that updates that would have otherwise appeared there will start appearing on the Inside Search blog. The Inside Search blog lives on. But where are those lists? Last November, Google started the tradition with this post, looking at some changes it had recently implemented. In December, Google announced that it would just make this a monthly series. “We know people care about how search works, so we always want to push the envelope when it comes to transparency,” Google engineering director Scott Huffman wrote at the time. “We’ve been wracking our brains trying to think about how to make search even more transparent,” he wrote. “The good news is that we make roughly 500 improvements in a given year, so there’s always more to share. With this blog series, we’ll be highlighting many of the subtler algorithmic and visible feature changes we make.” That’s a lot of changes Google makes each year, and I doubt there haven’t been any made over the last two months that Google hasn’t publicized. So what happened to the transparency? Huffman noted that the changes that appear in these lists aren’t necessarily big enough to warrant blog posts of their own. In other words, the changes are typically not as Earth shattering as the Panda update or the Penguin update. The lists have, however, given us insight into the kinds of improvements Google is looking to make on an ongoing basis. For example, month to month, we can usually see Google tweaking how it deals with freshness of content. Publishers, webmasters and search industry enthusiasts would no doubt like to see the lists continue. Will they? That remains to be seen. Update: Since this was originally written, Google did make another post to the Inside Search blog about updates to quick answer results on mobile. More on that here. Still no update lists.

2012 Possibilities

Everyone is talking about 2012 all over the world and about the possible scenarios to the big shift !
Listed here are some of those possibilities :

Human Causes :

� Flu Pandemic
� Nuclear War / WW3 / Biological War
� Large Hadron Collider
� Nanotechnology
� Religious Apocalypse
� Nuclear Accident
� Rise of the Machines
� Genetic Modification
� Time Travel Error

Cosmic Influences :

� Nearby Supernova
� Explosion from the black hole at the center of our galaxy – read about how something similar could have caused the recent tsunami
� Gamma Ray Burst (GRB)
� Asteroid/Meteor/Comet
� Coronal Mass Ejection (CRE) from our Sun
� Cosmic Rays
� Solar System Falls Apart (butterfly effect)

Earthly Pandemonium :

� Magnetic Pole Shift
� Crustal Pole Shift
� Super volcano – ie Yellowstone
� Ice Age
� Global Warming

Most of the above mentioned scenarios are probable and more than one event occuring isn’t ruled out either as there are greater cosmic forces holding together the balance of creation and sustenance and any they are all connected and affect each other. The Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, which the Mayan’s know as ‘Hunab Ku’ or ‘Sacred Tree’ is capable of altering Earth’s EMF (Electromagnetic Field) drastically bringing about a whole lot to deal with in terms of survival of any form of life on Earth.

We have already made elaborate plans to safeguard our species in case of a threat of Global extinction. Norway has already started to build safe underground havens to accommodate 40% of it’s population in preparation for 2012. We can only hope this transition is less chaotic and the path to ascension is peaceful ! The Tibetan Monks say the ET have been here for a while now helping us get through this difficult time in our history. There are giant motherships circling our planet and thousands of their smaller spaceships operating from secret underground bases and the ocean beds. Synchronicity surrounding 2012 is increasing by the day and everything is a gradual awakening leading to fruition of the prophecy.

Free Usenet

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Cheap Web hosting – Hosting Choice For the Websites by Avino Mcclearen

If you should certainly are a newcomer inside the world wide web web hosting globe and you’ve got to select the most suitable web hosting method in small spending budget there are 2 opportunities out there for you. You can still both decide at no cost word wide web internet hosting or maybe a low-priced internet web hosting. It’s usually endorsed to go for an inexpensive web site internet hosting options in contrast to a free of cost website internet hosting if you should can manage to build slightly expense. There is a great number of purposes for your alternative and I’m convinced subsequent to reading through the report earning this preference could well be a lot of simpler and easier for you personally. Well before attending to go for a web hosting approach allows talk about the key big difference in between the 2. Within a 100 % free web hosting websites proprietors are supplied with no cost area to host their online site while in cost-effective word wide web web hosting similar necessitates some amount of cash. A zero cost web hosting is often a rather exceptional opportunity if somebody needs an individual blog. Whilst you will be thinking about choosing an online internet hosting provider, you must be certain that it will be trusted and credible. It is because at any time you never decide for just a wonderful internet hosting company then it may well contribute to your world wide web portal to go down because the servers is staying down almost all of the moments, it is usually most definitely heading to frustrate your people plus they is not going to be searching because of your world-wide-web portal. Yet another important situation is sluggish pace loading from the web-site which dramatically lowers the performance and usefulness of the E-business. You must be verifying some time interval within the web hosting providers that is definitely remaining featured as being a pledge for ones net internet site. It happens to be greatly advised that you just verify out the opinions in the economical company companies you are looking at settling on and after that verify out any time you have higher choices for sale or not. Also all net web hosting institutions get paid their sales revenue by means of commercials. But in 100 % free solutions 1 would not get any regulate within the utilization of these ads. It relies on the host to position whatsoever adverts they need with your websites therefore you can perform not a single thing about this, this has an unfavorable influence on your corporation expansion. Inside a reasonably priced internet hosting the placement of ad tend to be managed into a vast extent. You’ll settle on the type of adverts in addition as their placement. There can be a lot of reasonably priced and realistic web site internet hosting agencies that exist to choose from. Thereby, picking the finest a particular from all is incredibly important if you’d like to possess an effective website portal. Days have altered into a significant extent by now and together with the passing of days a bit more adjustments are using area on the quickest pace. Opposite with the opinion of numerous folk, the saga of world wide web web hosting isn’t limited to IT analysts only. It is actually impacting a perfect nearly all lives considerably more compared and its function regarding the enhancement of more recent small businesses cannot be described in the couple phrases. There cannot be any a whole lot more discussion to discover out no matter if blog is required. It is usually by now confirmed or proven past doubt that online pages, mainly about little enterprises, are tremendously relevant and engage in a lot of necessary roles. Another notable matter to appear out for whilst you are picking an inexpensive online internet hosting assistance will be the uptime they are really giving. It’s because in the event you are having a negative uptime then it is usually significantly heading to impact your world wide web portal. Your customers will not likely wait around till your site is loaded as as reported by researches; a customer leaves the web page if it isn’t loaded within just 8 to 10 seconds. Should the server you will be web hosting your online portal on is consistently down then you certainly will get rid of a lot of your possibilities buyers. You will need to be coming across an affordable internet hosting choice but your people see it seriously really difficult to navigate by way of your site. Subsequent are a lot of the important and obligatory details which you must check out making certain you are deciding on top quality companies. Other important matter to bear in mind is definitely the good quality computer software. You’ll need to generate confident which the net web hosting small business that you’re picking is supplying you with many different purposes which have been effective in facilitating your internet portal and doing it user-friendly and simple to employ. They mostly feature articles and other content administration programs for instance Mambo, Joomla, and WordPress for running a blog. Some much like to own a discussion board in addition to probably the most superior and hottest variations of PHP and numerous other server apps. But for the internet business web page deciding a compensated web hosting although it’s a low-priced web hosting is actually an a great deal more suitable option. It’s because the standard of your internet hosting expert services is incredibly considerable as beneficial as realistic world-wide-web internet hosting.

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