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Digital media in a social world

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Digital media in a social world
                                                             by JV Valdez

The term “digital media” is an expansive term that is so ubiquitous it loses its concrete grip on definition most of the time. Usually it is lumped together with media 2.0 and social media or change places with the utilitarian multi-media and even digital art. Still, the word “media” is even all-encompassing that furthers the confusion of what digital media is fundamentally about. The universality of this phrase is a testament that we have embraced digital media itself, and harnessing its powers to assist our needs, from entertainment to marketing is paramount.

While the term media in this aspect means a collective word for the storage and transmission of graphics, images, audio and video, it also refers to textual data and applications. Still, digital media is not completely referred to as electronic media since on the flipside is analog media. In the evolutionary aspect of electronic media, the analog types came first. Endless tapes of data stored mostly texts that were succeeded by computers which handled various media types in order of complexity and file size, from ASCII text to video.

This is where digital media come in, and the Digital Media Alliance of Florida defines it clearly as “the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education.” The operative word here is “convergence” where various media forms are fused together in presentation for a seamless and more enjoyable consumption of media. Perhaps digital media would be at home with web 2.0 technologies such as Facebook and Twitter where people share, like and comment on status updates, photos and videos. Let us not push to the sides the significance of emails, instant messaging and online voice call services such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger that help us enjoy digital media for social interaction and communication.

Then there is YouTube, the gargantuan repository of videos that stores videos that amuse, irritate, teach and entertain. Going back several years, we had the (in)famous Napster pioneered mp3 sharing. This avenue was followed by the hugely successful universe of songs, videos and applications on iTunes for use of the indispensable iPhone and other Apple gadgets. The triumph of the iPhone is now being replicated by Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

No question should be raised about the importance of digital media in our mundane lives. We have grown so tethered to it that it would be unspeakable when a worst-case scenario of solar flares or other phenomena suddenly interfere with the electronic signals that envelop the globe. Such power of digital media has astounding effects on our personal, social, business and even political lives. The overthrow of supposed autocratic regimes worldwide has been effected considerably by the use of 2.0 technologies where people share news through pictures and videos. Our experience with digital media has made us more cohesive despite possessing varying backgrounds and beliefs. We have become more passionate, more individualist in a pluralistic world, and these traits lead to more innovation and invention.

To harness the power of digital media is to understand the purpose of each type. When constructing a website, composing a blog post, or simply sharing a post on Facebook, we need to think about our message first and what we want our audience to understand. A good arrangement of text, graphics, pictures, audio and video is important in order to successfully convey our message. This step needs to be observed when trying to impart your beliefs or selling a product. The bottomline here is marketing–how we market our ideas and products through the use of digital media.

The free flow of information on the Internet has led to an infinite process of sharing, copying and distributing digital media content, particularly audio and video that has continuously gotten the ire of media companies. This democratic access to information, while empowering the general masses, has also led to widespread piracy. Once in a while, software and media companies subscribe to techniques to ward off piracy by releasing copy-protected media. History has told us many of these steps just become futile.

In an era of simultaneous communication and interaction we must learn to exploit responsibly the power of digital media for the improvement of our social lives. In the years to come, digital media will surely evolve into a more seamless and intuitive multi-media experience, some of them will be virtual or augmented reality. They will be handled by blistering connection speeds and stored in humongous storage drives.

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Getting a Best and Cheap Web Hosting Company

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Getting a Best and Cheap Web Hosting Company

A new beginner in online enterprise should start with the basics of web hosting for their sites. This is where you need to start from if yours are considering taking that small online business of yours to the next level. You need to think about hosting your website and not just having it hosted, but also ensuring that it is hosted with a company that will guarantee the success of your business. Most people fail to appreciate the fact that it doesn’t really matter how much you spend on designing your website, but if your site is down for most time of the day, then you can never record any success from your website. These points are very important if you want to have a successful site online.

The good news here is that the Internet now provides cheap web hosting companies for people to use. People that want to control and manage their website can now do so without any problem. You no longer need to spend as much as $100 per year to host your site these days.

You must consider certain factors before you go with any cheap web hosting site. You need to do a good research. You can get a better cheap hosting website by comparing one with another. You want a very cheap hosting company that gives you reliability even if it means additional cost.

Do not choose web-hosting services that will not allow your site to be available online at any time of the day. Get web-hosting site that instantly attend to any technical troubles. You only need a little more effort to discover a cheap and dependable web-hosting site. Also, you must examine the offer provided by the web-hosting companies concerning hosting plan. Most of the cheap hosting sites provide options of varieties of plan that are cheap. Examine carefully the facilities in the packages you have. For example, look into the bandwidth, disc space, customer support, technical tools, ease of control, business hosting features such as shopping cart and SSL certificate, fees and so on. All these are very important.

Cheap hosting companies are different from free hosting ones. With cheap hosting site, you have considerable amount of control over your website. This is not possible with free hosting site.

It could be very difficult to find cheap web-hosting service companies. That is dependable enough to work with for a long-term plan. This is because the Internet is full of many cheap hosing sites. Every hosting site claims to be the best. Even, the free ones do. They claim they have respective best offers. So, to have the one that is really good for you. Requires research works.

For example, you can go to web-hosting review site. These sites expose the secrets you need to know concerning getting good and reliable cheap web hosting site for your website. What you will learn there will be very important about web hosting sites. Do not forget cheap hosting sites are still better than free ones.

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Teenburg – Young couple warming up

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Cheap Host – Will You Go For One?

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Cheap Hosting – Will You Go For One?

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that you have to make is whether or not to go for the services of a cheap host.

Web hosting service providers now come in all budget sizes, but sometimes, it is pretty normal to be concerned about the cheap web hosting companies and those that offer their services for free. You must have heard many negative feedbacks about such companies, and now you must be in doubt.

The truth is, just because a certain web hosting company is offering its services at an unbeatable price, it does not mean that it is not reliable. There are always exceptions to the rule even when it comes to web hosting.

Although they may be rare, cheap web hosting service providers do exist. You need to look carefully, though, in order to find the right one. Some salient points to remember when searching for an affordable web host are reliability, customer service, and disk space and bandwidth.

Now how can you tell if your host is reliable? There are a few tests you can actually do to find it out. One is to test its customer service. Even if you are not paying a lot of money, you still deserve to be treated professionally. A good host is readily available any time of the day, even on weekends and holidays. It must be able to respond to your concerns quickly. After all, there may be times when your website will experience and so you must be able to contact your web host when it happens even during unholy hours.

Another way you can say that your host is reliable if it offers an uptime percentage of 99% and up. The best ones are able to provide you with 99.99% uptime percentage, but as long as the number does not go below 99%, that’s already good enough. Uptime percentage is the amount of time that your website becomes visible on the World Wide Web. When your site experiences downtime frequently, it only indicates that you don’t have a very reliable web host. It would be better then to change hosts now before you lose all your data, customers, and money.

Most professional web hosting companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but this may not be so with a cheap service provider. Some providers may offer around 5GB of disk space that may be enough if you are operating a personal web site, which does not require a lot of space.

Usually, web host review sites are the best places where you can find all the necessary information about the cheap web hosting companies out there. It is here where you can see a comparison of each of the companies’ varied features, so choosing from among them need not be a painful exercise.

Another reliable source of information is technological forums and communities. These are places where you can get to meet and interact with IT professionals, and obtain expert advice. At the same time, making a random search of customer testimonies can also assist you in your decision


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